Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Good News YAY!!

Sorry folks been sick for a while anyway got some news i found here.

Jemma Palmer of the UK Gladiators has now officially signed with WWE developmental

so we get a hot new diva yay

Friday, February 19, 2010

TNA IMPACT Results 2/18/10 and again My thoughts

Segment with D'Angelo Dinero, Ric Flair and A.J. Styles

The Pope struts to the ring in style and announces that he is pimpin', and
overcame the obstacles to become the new #1 contender. He says the ones
standing in the way are AJ and...”Dick” Flair? He says he's going to walk
into the cage at Lockdown and be crowned the new world heavyweight
champion. Pimpin' is cut short by Flair's music as AJ, Flair and no less than 17
valets come down the ramp. Flair snatches a mic and asks Pope if he can
read and write. He says if he could read he would know that the tag on
his suit said Armani. He goes on to explain that he was bling before
there was bling. Flair says he is exhausted from being with AJ's
entourage of women since last Sunday and sarcastically falls back on the
ropes, concluding with the fact that AJ is still the champ. Pope says you
can dress up a piece of crap, but at the end of the day he's still a piece
of crap. Flair fires back saying he's a street thug, and now he's hot.
Pope babbles for a bit, and AJ is rather pissed saying he's a nobody going
nowhere, and shortly after, AJ and Flair begin a nasty beat down on the
Pimpin' One. He gets a leg snapped inside a steel chair followed up by
the Figure-4 Leg Lock as a reward for his speech, beating the Pope out of
him to lead into commercials.

Daffney vs. Tara

Daffney is back and hotter than ever!
Her opponent is Tara and she's bringing it early on, but Daffney comes
back with a chop to the chest. They go back and forth,
and Daffney starts to pull Tara's hair, giving her a stiff kick to the
back. They head outside and she grabs a toolbox from
under the ring and decks Tara with it, which made the ref call for a DQ. She leads a
dazed Tara over to the announce table area, puts a section of the guard
rail on her, and hits her over and over again with a steel chair! Tara looks is hurt,
and Dr. Stevie is suddenly out in the Impact Zone grabbing the
chair from Daffney.

Winner: Tara by DQ

Short Segment with Mick and Bischoff

Mick is in into Eric's office and apologizes for his performance on
Sunday, but surprisingly Bischoff says not to worry about it. He says in
fact he has someone to get him a brand new look and two designers come
over and start taking his measurements. He dismisses them.
He happily waves them off, but as soon as Foley is gone, he
gets on the phone and his expression changes to a stern one, demanding to
see Abyss in his office immediately

Orlando Jordan vs. Samoa Joe

First out is Jordan he comes out with some dude and some chick.
As Joe's music hits,he does not come out. Then he is shown backstage and Bischoff is asking him why
he couldn't get the job done on Sunday before going to the ring.

Joe manhandles Orlando into a corner and begins
then the fans start the chant, “Joe's gonna kill you”
. Joe gets a 2-count and he's not.
Jordan gets to his feet and comes back with a
spinebuster on Joe! Drops a knee to get a 1-count. A bit of back and
forth, and out of nowhere Jordan pins Joe and the crowd can't believe it.

Winner: Orlando Jordan

Segment with JB, Abyss and Bischoff

Abyss is shown heading to Eric's office looking incredibly nervous asking
JB if things are going to be ok...
As Impact resumes, Bischoff says he told Abyss what would happen if he
didn't use the bat in his match on Sunday. Abyss says he used tacks, but
Eric says he asked him to use the bat instead, declaring it's going to
cost him his mask. Abyss begins to plead, but Bischoff is relentless and
says the unmasking will take place tonight.

Segment with Eric Young

Eric Young is backstage and says he knows Hall and Pac are in the building,

Segment with Eric Bischoff and Jarrett

Eric is out of his office and is walking toward Jarrett with a barb wire
bat. Eric says he was disappointed the the bat wasn't used on Sunday, so
he wants him to use it against Abyss tonight. He says instead of
reminiscing in the back, he needs to get the job done tonight...

Eight Man Tag: Doug Williams, Spanky, and Motor City Machine Guns
vs. Generation Me, Amazing Red and Kazarian

Kaz walks to the ring and the crowd goes wild at his return A bunch
of quick tag outs and fast pins in the early going,
Sabin and Max are going at it, then Red tags in, gets some hits in,
and then it's Doug Williams,
Red getting the best of him and nails a spinning kick. Dual missile dropkick on the Guns from
Amazing Red, followed by a flip dive to the floor. A series of TNA chants
break out and the Impact Zone is on their feet! Kaz with a quick hit and
a pin on Doug Williams out of nowhere!

Winners: Amazing Red, Kazarian, and Generation Me

Segment with Abyss

Abyss tries to escape backstage, but Slick Johnson stops him saying him
his match is next.

Abyss vs. Jeff Jarrett

Abyss walks to the ring looking worried. Jarrett comes out with no
entrance music as a part of Bischoff's resolve to start him at the bottom.
He is carrying the barb wire bat and it seems he has agreed to the plan
to take out Abyss. Early on we see some grappling, Abyss getting the best
of it, but dodges several hits and a answers with a flurry of moves,
sending Abyss back onto the ropes and Jarrett gives him a knee to the
back. Jarrett goes old school and gives the crowd a strut. They head
outside and Jarrett attempts to drive his head into a steel chair, but it
get reversed and Jarrett is down for the count. We see a shot of the bat
as they make their way back to the ring, and they down each other with a
double clothesline. Then Bischoff steps out onto
the top of the ramp and looks on with his arms crossed.
Bischoff is creeping closer to the ring. The crowd urges
Jarrett to use the bat. Jarrett ducks and hits the stroke, but after
grabbing the bat Jarrett shakes his head and throws it down. Eric gets on
the mic and says he knew he couldn't count on Jarrett so he calls out Tomko, Homicide,
Raven, Rhino and Desmond Wolfe they storm the ring and beat down both men.

Match End in a No Contest

After the Match

Eric smiles and is about to unmask Abyss when Hogan's
music hits. Bischoff looks like he's just been caught Red Handed.
Hogan tells Abyss to head to his office, and then turns his
attention to Bischoff...

The British Invasion vs. Beer Money Inc.

Beer Money, Haven't seen them for a while and they
finally mentioned of Big Rob's Global Championship win.
Magnus starts things off, softening up his opponent for Terry, but before
even a minute had passed Magnus demands to be tagged back in and Terry
looks pissed at this, but does so anyway. Magnus gets dominated, and with
Beer Money on an unanswered roll, they make quick work of him and get the

Winner: Beer Money Inc.

After the Match

Brutus Magnus gets on the mic and blames Terry despite him
being the one that was pinned. He said the belt should belong to him and
tells Terry to get lost, and slap his face.
Terry answers back by decking him and rolling out to bring us into commercial.

Yet Another Segment with Abyss

Abyss is pacing around in Hogan's office and is really pissed at him for
some reason. Apparently, he's sick of his shaky hands. He goes on to
make a Superman analogy, which somehow amounts to a parallel with
Hulkamania. Hogan takes off his Hall of Fame ring and says he destroyed
his body for 30 years to earn this ring. He says he can hardly get out of
bed in the morning. Hogan then gives Abyss the ring and tells him it will
make him 10 times the wrestler he ever was!

Daniels vs Kurt Angle

Daniels, threw Angle into the corner and is relentless in his kicks.
Angle fights out but is met with a brutal palm strike. Daniels tries
another move, but it is quickly turned around into an Ankle Lock
submission for the tap out.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Segment with Angle

Angle's music is cut short and Angle says Mr. Anderson beat him at Against
All Odds. But that's not what pissed him off. He took off his dog tag
and explained the traditional military use, which sparked a long “USA”
chant. He goes on to explain that the last year and a half was very hard,
and goes out of character talking about the past things that legitimately
happened outside of wrestling, gets choked up, and has trouble going on.
He said he prayed to God while in jail and asked him why this was
happening. After he was released, Angle said he met a lot of soldiers,
and one came up to him saying he believed in him, explaining that he was
the one who gave the dog tag to him. He read the inscription entitled
“Warrior” and it is very emotional.
Angle's point was that when he used that dog tag to cut him on Sunday, he
didn't just make him bleed, he made those proud soldiers bleed. Angle
said when he spit on him, he spit on those same soldiers and the USA.
Angle then vows to make Anderson suffer, and Anderson's music hits.
Anderson is very disrespectful making fun of Angle
choking up, and really messes with him. He tells Angle
to come get some! Angle makes his way up the ramp and brings it to Ken
But Anderson somehow lays him out instantly and Anderson does his signature
name thing

Segment with Joe

JB is back with Samoa Joe outside when a bunch of masked thugs bolt out of
a van and abduct Joe! JB is stunned.

Segment with Nash, Young, Pac and Hall

Eric Young and Kevin Nash head to the ring.
Nash powers up with a mic and questions why he
chose Pac/Hall to be his friends so many years ago. Nash says he carried
their asses on his back for the last time. He calls them out the ring
saying he's the gray-haired SOB in the middle of the ring. Can't miss him.
Low and behold, they sneak out to the floor slowly, but Young just flies
out of the ring and beats down Pac. Hall throws a toothpick in Nash's eye,
but Kevin still manages to ground him. Security steps in and Hogan is
seen at the top of the ramp. The show concludes with Nash yelling that
it's on next week!

Now my thoughts

OK, a lot happened here so where do I start? Iight WWE made a mistake by letting Berk go.
But what else is new? How many people have they done that with? But anyway, Pope as he is known as now is real over with the fans (that means fans really like him) the fact that he called Ric a dick was priceless kinda brings me back to the WWF Attitude era days. Which is true though. He went from being on the World Heavyweight Champion of the WWE HHH's jock to being on the TNA World Champs A.J. Styles' Jock. Pretty good segment to start the show. Sadly this was maybe the best part in my opinion. Not that the rest of the show sucked mind you. Like Daffney vs Tara was a good match but kinda short. Lets hope next time its a hardcore match or something and its longer. Then we have O.J. (Orlando Jordan) in a squash match against Joe after getting yelled at by Bischoff. But anyway Joe lost. Who saw that coming. I know aint see it I wanna know who he pissed off in the back lol. I should note that I been reading the reason Jordan had that guy and girl come to the ring with him is for a bisexual gimmick with him. How original. Take a bisexual man and give him a bi gimmick. But maybe the cut it cuz I read at the end of the match he kissed her and then kissed him which never happened on air. Anyway that led to later in the night with him getting kidnapped. Wtf really do. You went from being a bad ass to this lol. But he was not the only one to get squashed Angle went against vs Daniels now this to me should had went a long time. You have two great athletes here but. Apparently Chris pissed of the same person Joe did lol. Anyway this match leads to a kinda shoot by Angle good stuff here too. Then we had a great eight man tag with the Guns, Doug Williams and Kendrick vs Red Generation Me and the quote returning SU I mean Kaz. Who the fuck is SUISIDE now? It went from Kaz to Daniels back to Kaz and now I just found out that Kiyoshi is playing him. They gotta kill this gimmick I mean it game from a retarded video game. Come on people. At the end of the show they had a big ass brawl with Hall, Nash, Pac and Young with Hogan watching which was ok I guess. Now I skipped around to cover the worst part last. Why in the hell are they doing this story with Kane I mean Abyss its just dumb but thats my thought to all this

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Smackdown Spoiler for 2/19/10 and my opinion

Segment with Jericho and Edge

Chris Jericho comes out to start SmackDown and says he will win the Chamber. Edge comes out to a big pop. He talks about spearing Taker last week. Jericho tells Edge to pick the RAW Champion for WrestleMania for his own good. The lights flicker and Edge spears Jericho.

Kane vs Dolph Ziggler

Kane vs. Dolph Ziggler takes place until Drew McIntyre comes down in a suit. Dolph tries to take advantage but Kane chokeslams him for the win. Drew comes in and hits his finisher on Kane but Kane reverses it.

Winner Kane

Segment with Rey Mysterio

* Rey Mysterio cuts a promo backstage and says he will win the Elimination Chamber.

* John Morrison & R-Truth vs. CM Punk & Luke Gallows is announced for tonight.

Cryme Tyme vs Baretta and Croft

* Cryme Tyme defeated Trent Baretta and Caylon Croft in a good tag match.

Winners Cryme Tyme

Segment with Morrison and Truth

* John Morrison is interviewed and says his ankle won't make him miss the Chamber. Truth comes in and says he will win the Chamber but tonight, he and Morrison will beat Punk and Gallows.

Truth/Morrison vs The Straight Edge Society

CM Punk and the Straight Edge Society come out. Punk cuts a promo and says he will win the belt at Elimination Chamber this Sunday. Tons of heat for Punk.
Punk & Gallows vs. Morrison & Truth ends in a no contest. What looked like Undertaker's pyro went off during the match, everything stopped but nothing happened. Match is restarted. Morrison was really playing up his ankle injury. The referee called for the bell when Morrison went to kick Punk but kicked the ring post and went down in pain. The Straight Edge Society beats Morrison and Truth down until Rey Mysterio comes in for the save. They beat him down and pose in front of Rey to a ton of heat.

No Contest

Segment with Teddy Long, Vickie Guerrero and Mickie James

Teddy Long is shown backstage. He says he will take action against Shawn Michaels for super kicking him on RAW. Mickie James comes in and Vickie Guerrero announces it will be Mickie vs. Michelle McCool next week with Vickie as the referee.

Maria, Matt Hardy and The Great Khali vs. The Hart Dynasty

Maria, Matt Hardy and The Great Khali vs. The Hart Dynasty is up next. The Dynasty gets the win when Natalya pins Maria. Maria walks up the ramp pissed off with Matt right behind her apologizing.

Winners The Hart Dynasty

Maria is shown backstage arguing with Matt Hardy about him letting their team down. Michelle McCool and Layla come in and make fun of them.

Edge vs. Batista

Edge vs. Batista is next. Edge comes out to a big pop also. Batista stalls to start the match. Edge takes the mic and says John Cena was right about Batista. Finally they wrestle and it's a good match. Edge spears Batista and Taker's bell hits and he appears in the ring. Taker chokeslams Edge. Taker chases Batista off. Chris Jericho appears in the ring and hits the Codebreaker on Edge. Taker comes back out and stares down Jericho to end SmackDown after Jericho motions to the World Title.

No Contest

OK, you know where this Edge, Undertaker and Jericho thing is more then likely leading to right? Well it is simple my friends. Now mind you Vince changes his mind faster then i can take a piss durring a HHH match. but as of now I am reading that at the Chamber Jericho is gonna win the belt and then Edge will choose him which then leaves taker open for a H.B.K. rematch at Wrestlemania. now I see this happening but Vinc can always change his mind. Next we have Kane vs Dolph Ziggler. What the fuck do to get berried? I mean dude was on a rule. he should have been the I.C. champ a long time ago. and why do I see Drew McIntyre losing. what is it with the WWE and the new guys? FUCK MAN!. then we have the same shit promo by Rey some one has to squish that damn fly already. Next match proved me right and Baretta and Croft now belong to Smackdown. Unfortunately the life partners lost. But i guess it's cool cuz i consider Cryme Tyme young guys. and at least there was no retarded run in. No folks that happens next. Here Morrison plaid up his injury. this better not lead to HBK replacing him in the Chamber. I just thought of that while typing lol. anyway The Straight Edge Society beat their asses and then Rey's bitch as got his ass kicked for not minding his. serves him right lol. Then we have Mr Long. lol That just sounds wrong. Talking shit about Shawn for kicking him. I swore he kicked Carlito it looked like he was right behind him. one thing i did not cover on my Raw blog cuz i forgot about it and it was not on the results i put up from wwe was this and the fact Shawn said his career is over. Heres hoping. plus a few others i wish would leave already. Anyway back to S.D. Teddy was Talking shit then Mickie shows up and Vicky screws her over. Last week McCool and Layla were fucking with Mickie and was gonna put some food in her face but Mickie slapped it out their hands and Vicky was right behind her and it hit her. Anyway thats where this shit comes from. So next week Mickie VS McCool for the title and Vicky is the ref. Why has WWE been fucking with Micky is just bullshit. she is one of the hottest girls there so why talking about her weight. She does not look like a crack whore like McCool hell even Vicky looks better then her in my honest opinion. only reason shes still around is cuz the deadman is tombstoning that if you get what I mean. And I don't care if i'm gonna Rest In FUCKING Peace. Unlike him i'm still in one peace the dead man is falling apart he got bad knees and a bad back and who knows what else. This is one of the people i was talking about who needs to leave before he really is the deadman lol. OK six person tag what the fuck was the reason for this. Is Maria going heel or something. if you ask me this was just useless. Main event Batista is a bitch and this shit with Jericho Edge and taker the end. sound like an ok show though.

Update on NXT

OK here is a small update i just read last night turns out its not gonna be 8 teams of a Pro and a Rookie but in fact 2 teams one Face and one Heel


Hell Team:

Chris Jericho/Wade Barrett
Carlito/Michael Tarver
C.M. Punk/Darren Young
The Miz/Daniel Bryan

Face Team:
Matt Hardy/Justin Gabriel
M.V.P./Skip Sheffield
Christian/Heath Slater
R-Truth/David Otunga

I'll give you more info when i have it but this is shaping out at least to me to be like Kitchen Nightmares instead of an American Idol format like Tough Enough was.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Guesses on who is going where after ECW's death.

This was what the roster looked like. Now I am gonna guess who will go where after ECW's death
i'm gonna put an R with the names i think are going to Raw and an SD for the people i think are going to Smackdown and finally GONE for who I think will get released. I will edit it as each person is reveled so come back from time to time.

ECW Roster

Face Superstars:

Christian (SD)

Shelton Benjamin (R)

The Hurricane/ Gregory Helms (SD)

Vladimir Kozlov (R)

Yoshi Tatsu (SD)

Goldust (R)

Face Divas:

Tiffany (ECW GM)

Savannah(ECW Ring Announcer) (GONE)

Heel Superstars:

William Regal (R)

Ezekiel Jackson (ECW Champion) (R)

Vance Archer (SD)

Zack Ryder (SD)

Trent Barreta (SD)
(I was right)

Caylen Croft (SD)
(I was rigtht)

Tyler Reks (SD)
(he was in a sd dark match so I was right I guess)

Abraham Washington (SD)

Heel Divas:

Rosa Mendes (SD)

My Thoughts on NXT

OK, not exactly what I thought it would be. I thought NXT was gonna be just ECW renamed with more new guys from FCW. but its a reality show. a fucking a reality show though. I mean I liked Tough Enough but what the fuck is this. I mite be pre-judging cuz we have not even got it yet but come on. first of the Pros and Rookies thing is like a couples concept. Kinda Stupid to me. then they have David Otunga this guy who was Punk from I love New York or Jennifer Hudson's man. wow WWE wow. is all i can say but lets see how this shit is or if it even lasts which i don't think it will.

ECW Rults The End and My Thoughts Spoiler to that THANK GOD

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The WWE Universe bid an emotional, historic farewell to ECW on Syfy from the Sprint Center Arena Tuesday night. But as WWE closes the door on the Land of the Extreme, we’ll soon say hello to the new evolution of reality television with the debut of WWE NXT.

Ezekiel Jackson vs ECW Champion Christian in a Extreme Rules Title Match

It took Ezekiel Jackson months, but The Guyanese Goliath and his mentor, William Regal, finally accomplished what they set out to achieve on ECW on Syfy – total domination. In the final ECW match, Big Zeke conquered ECW Champion Christian under Extreme Rules, becoming the last Superstar to ever hold the ECW Title.
But during the most important match of Big Zeke’s career, several ECW Superstars and Divas tried to stand in his way. A meddling Zack Ryder and his girlfriend, Rosa Mendes, wanted to interfere, as The Long Island Loudmouth was jealous he didn’t earn another chance at the ECW Title. After Christian hit Ryder with a steel trash can, Rosa slapped Christian in the face. Then ECW General Manager Tiffany became involved, quieting the intrusive Rosa by shockingly tossing her to the mat. And as always, longtime ECW Champion Christian fought Big Zeke with all of his heart and soul. Captain Charisma hit Regal with a Killswitch, but lost the brutal Extreme Rules Match after The Guyanese Goliath tossed him through a table.
In the end, no one could stop Jackson on his quest for ECW domination, not even Christian. Now that the ECW Title is retired, the WWE Universe is left to wonder where Big Zeke will wreak havoc next.

NEW ECW Champion Ezekiel Jackson def. Christian

For the Unified Tag Team Titles ShowMiz defended vs Yoshi & Goldy

After defeating Trent Barreta & Caylen Croft last week, Yoshi Tatsu & Goldust had their hearts set on departing the Land of the Extreme with the Unified Tag Team Championships firmly around their waists. But the duo of The Miz & Big Show was too tough and tricky for ECW’s odd couple, as Show-Miz stole a win to retain the Unified Tag Team Titles. After Big Show sent Tatsu over the top rope, he punched Goldust in the ribs while the referee’s attention was diverted, assisting United States Champion The Miz, who hit The Bizarre One with his Skull-Crushing Finale for the tag team victory.

Still Champions ShowMiz def. Yoshi & Goldy

“The Abraham Washington Show”

WWE’s critically-acclaimed talk show host, Abraham Washington, saved his biggest guest for the final episode of ECW – himself. But before Washington could brag too much about becoming a rich free agent in WWE, he was interrupted by several ECW Superstars who had plenty to say about their futures in WWE.Shelton Benjamin, Vance Archer, Vladimir Kozlov and Caylen Croft & Trent Barreta joined Washington and WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas in the ring. In true “Abraham Washington” fashion, the show descended into utter chaos. When The Moscow Mauler offered his two cents in Russian, he was mocked by Archer, and Croft & Barreta, prompting Kozlov to attack them with the help of his new comrade, Benjamin.

WWE NXT debuts next week

Tune in to Syfy next Tuesday night at the same time, 10/9 CT, to see the world premiere of WWE NXT, a hybrid live event/reality show featuring eight well-known, popular WWE Superstars mentoring eight WWE Rookies.

OK, my thoughts on this last ECW thank fucking god that this shit is over. I mean the fact that the even brought this back was shit. Now before i am gonna get hate mail or what ever for hating on ECW let me say i loved the Original. but this shit is, was and never could be ECW. I call it WWECW I mean where the fuck was the extreme lol. so thank god its dead long live the original though that will live in the true fans heart for ever go look at slice's tribute on ECW in his blog above the ropes. anyway i would like this show if it was something else but ECW come the hell on. they have great talent in my honest opinion. Big Zeke with William Regal vs Christian for the WWECW Title in Entertainment Rules (yes it was not what i would call extreme) was a good match. the fact that Zack Ryder interfered was good. I see big things in his and Zekes futures. ShowMiz vs Yoshi & Goldy was also a good match. Again I am a big fan of Miz, Big Show is ok, Goldust should go back to being heel he is a great talent as a heel but really he's nothing as a face. This was the man who went undefeated for a long time and a former I.C. champ. this guy made you go wtf and you remembered him, now its why the fuck are you even here. and Yoshi just like many others i mentioned is a rising star. Then you have that stupid Abraham Washington Show. Staring Abraham Washington (Cock Sucker) Tony Atlas (useless) Sisqo I mean Shelton Benjamin, Vance Archer (TNA Reject) Vladimir What the Fuck did he say Kozlov and Caylen Croft and his Life partner Trent Barreta. don't get me wrong lots of talent here (SpeciallyBenjamin) i guess but unnecessary segment. all in all it was an ok i mean come on its WWECW for fuck sakes but thank god its over i hope everyone winds up on the right show and used the right way. and don't be dicks and release people your only making TNA stronger but thats all i gotta say about WWECW.